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Glasgow City Council P1 Enrolment and Placing Requests

Information for enrolling your child for Primary 1 and submitting a placing request can be found on the Glasgow City Council's Starting Primary School page.

To register your child at the local catchment school you will need

It is usual practice for children to attend their local catchment primary school, however if you intend to make a placing request to a non-catchment primary school you must still enrol at a catchment school.

New Enrolment

add Submit New P1 Enrolment

You will have the option to make a Placing Request at the end of the enrolment form.

Placing Request

If you wish to make a Placing Request you must have completed an enrolment application.

To make a Placing Request, you will require the Enrolment Id and Access Code from the P1 Enrolment email you received when you submitted the enrolment.

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